Managed IT Services

Each IT Provider offers ‘Managed Services’ a little differently. In general Managed Services is the maintenance, software and sometimes hardware involved in a task, bundled together as a service.

Managed services aligns both the customer and the IT Service Provider towards the same goal of reliable and efficient IT Systems

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed services is a great way for customers and providers alike to stay on top of their game. With managed services, you can rest assured knowing that your system will be maintained with the latest software or hardware without having any worries about sustaining downtime because it’s all taken care of!

Our Managed Services

Our Managed Workplace service bundles the Managed Services that are right for you

Robust internet services that deliver constant connectivity and speed to your business. We monitor internet connectivity and speed remotely and act fast when there is a problem. Learn more about our Managed Internet services

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Fast Response to issues
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • LTE Internet Equipment on Standby

Our Managed Endpoint Security service protects your endpoint devices from threats.

We ensure the software is kept up to date and is maintained to properly protect your devices. Find out more about Managed Endpoint Security

  • Managed security software updates
  • Managed regular threat scans
  • Managed Threat Management
  • Leading Virus Protection Software
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Monthly Threat Summary Report

Our Managed Patches service keeps your software up to date. We perform software updates after hours so your systems remain available during busy times. We distribute updates from a central device to keep data and bandwidth usage low. Learn more about our Managed Patch service.

  • Remote software updates
  • Reduce Data Usage
  • Patch approval managed by IT
  • Patches installed after hours
  • Monthly Patch Status Report

Our Managed Anti-Spam service filters your email of unwanted junk & threats, improving productivity & security. We centrally manage customer email quarantines remotely. The filtering service also queues mail if your mail server becomes unavailable. Learn more about our Managed Antispam service.

  • Email Quarantine Management
  • Protection from Phishing & Virus Threats
  • Access to your own filtering interface
  • Email Archiving add-on available
  • Monthly Anti-Spam Status Report
  • Business Continuity

Our Managed Cloud Backup service offers effective protection of your data. We monitor and maintain your backups for you.

Backups are encrypted and stored in the cloud and on-site for fast recovery. Learn more about our Managed Cloud Backup service.

  • Off-site Backups without intervention
  • Limited Bandwidth Usage
  • Recover to Virtual Machine or Bare Metal
  • Data Deduplication keeps storage low
  • Continuous incremental ensure fast backups

Our Managed Workstation service ensures your workstations are kept clean and tidy to ensure the maximum return of productivity for your investment. Proactive monitoring aims prevent problems before they arise, reducing the risk of downtime. Learn more about our Managed Workstation service

  • System Monitoring & Alerts
  • Asset Tracking
  • Warranty Management
  • Regular System Maintenance
  • Monthly Health Summary Report

Our Managed Server service ensures your servers are kept running at their full potential, taking proactive measures to ensure your servers remain available at all times. Increase uptime and service quality with our managed services. Learn more about our Managed Server service

  • Server Monitoring & Alerts
  • Asset Tracking
  • Warranty Management
  • Regular System Maintenance
  • Monthly Health Summary Report

Critical systems and services should be monitored for performance and availability. This reduces the response time to resolve and also gives a history of long term performance. It is an effective way to prevent problems and reduce downtime. Learn more about our IT Monitoring services.

  • IT System Monitoring
  • IT Service Availability Alerts
  • IT Service Performance Alerts
  • Historical availability & Performance Data
  • Monthly Summary Report

Add our Managed Website service to your website and we’ll monitor website uptime, perform website updates, test your contact & order forms, perform regular security checks along with important SEO optimisation tweaks. Learn more about our Managed Website service

  • Website Monitoring & Alerts
  • WordPress Plugin, Theme & Core Updates
  • Website Security Updates
  • Website SEO Optimisations
  • Website Contact Form & Order Verification
  • Monthly Website Performance Report

How Managed IT Services helps your business Succeed

The top 4 reasons why Managed IT Services could be the right choice for your business

1. Improved Productivity

IT services can have a profound impact on productivity. By streamlining communication and increasing access to information, IT services can help businesses to operate more efficiently. IT services can also help businesses to automate tasks and processes, freeing up employees to focus on more important tasks. In addition, IT services can help businesses to improve their customer service and support, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction. IT services can play a vital role in improving productivity, and as such, are an essential part of any business.

2. More cost effective than Internal IT

Internal IT can be a costly endeavor, particularly for small businesses. Not only do you need to hire and train staff, but you also need to purchase and maintain expensive equipment. Managed services provide a more cost-effective solution, as you simply pay for the services you need on a monthly basis. This can help to save money in the long run, as you don’t need to worry about the upfront costs of setting up an internal IT department. In addition, managed services companies often have economies of scale that allow them to pass on savings to their customers. As a result, managed services can be a cheaper option than internal IT for small businesses.

3. Improved Response Times

Managed services is a proactive approach to IT management that can help improve your IT support response times. In managed services, a team of IT professionals proactively monitors your systems and provides support as needed, rather than waiting for you to report a problem. This means that potential issues can be resolved more quickly, before they cause major disruptions. Managed services can also include service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee a certain response time for support requests. As a result, managed services can provide peace of mind by ensuring that your IT systems are always in good hands.

4. Proactive, Not Reactive

Proactive and reactive IT support are two different approaches to managing a company’s computer systems. Managed services providers offer proactive support, which means they take steps to prevent problems before they happen. This can include things like patch management, system updates, and remote monitoring. Reactive support is the more traditional approach, where help is only provided when something goes wrong. While this can be less expensive in the short term, it can ultimately cost more money if multiple issues arise over time. In addition, proactive support can give companies a competitive advantage by helping them avoid disruptions and stay up and running. As a result, managed services are often the better option for businesses looking to improve their IT support.