Managed Cloud Backup

Backup Servers and Workstations to secure cloud storage with our Managed Cloud Backup service.

We monitor and maintain your backups for you without the need for costly hardware or software investments. We also perform routine restore simulations and have stand-by virtual recovery instances (for critical systems) ready to deploy in the event of a disaster.

Service Features


Advanced data deduplication technology makes this solution compatible with slower ADSL connections and also saves on internet bandwidth & data usage.

Off-Site Backup

Off-site Backups are automatically stored in secure encrypted state on secure storage within secure facilities with zero manual user intervention

Disaster Recovery

Fast recovery from IT disasters with effective bare-metal or Virtual system recovery technology and standby virtual systems.


Bare Metal Recovery, Virtual Machine (Hyper-V, VMWare), MS-SQL, MySQL, Sharepoint, Exchange – all supported

On-Site Vault

We can keep a copy of your backups on-site for faster recovery.

No Manual Intervention

No need for staff to swap fragile backup USB drives or expensive tapes. Cloud backup uses your existing internet connection

Bandwidth Control

Speed limiting during business hours ensures your internet experience remains not effected during business hours.

Pooled Data Allowance

Cloud storage data allowances are ‘pooled’ for all subscribes backup devices for better consuption at an organisation level.

High Level Data Encryption

Data is encrypted using military-grade AES-256 Encryption. We secure your encryption keys.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Daily backup monitoring and maintenance is included with the service.

Low Data Usage

Continuous incremental technology keeps data transfers low. Freeing valuable bandwidth and reducing data usage costs.

Monthly Reports

Summary Backup Reports are sent monthly to show the daily status of your backups.