5 ways your business can benefit from Managed IT services

Maintaining an IT environment probably wasn’t one of the tasks you saw yourself spending time on when you started a business.  But the more you depend on your computer systems or digital footprint, the more dealing with technology can seem like a full-time job when you probably have many other things that need your attention.

Relieve the IT burden with a Managed Workplace arrangement (Our version of fully Managed IT Services). We take on the responsibility of monitoring, maintaining, securing & supporting your IT Systems so you can focus on your business.

Five top reasons companies are choosing Managed IT services

1. Improved IT Security

Businesses face more cyber threats than ever before. It’s hard to keep up as threats evolve — or be confident you’re protected. With our managed service arrangements, we can implement proven layered security processes and always up-to date solutions to keep your business safe.  We’ve got you covered with everything from endpoint protection for your devices, patch management of applications on the fly. No need to worry about passwords or network firewalls! Our team will take care it all so that nothing falls through cracks – even external vulnerability scanning when needed (and there are always those pesky hackers).

The number of small and medium-sized businesses that lack the skills to deal with security issues themselves is alarming — 62%. It’s also surprising how many people feel “helpless,” when faced by new cyber attacks.

Without Managed Services

When you don’t have a managed service arrangement with persistent monitoring, virus scanning, password refresh practices and clear security policies, you can be at risk of a data breach. The result can be damage to your reputation, lost time and revenue, regulatory fines and more.

2. IT Forecasting & Budgeting

Managed services can be a great way to get more control over your IT expenses.  You can budget with confidence instead of incurring unexpected costs when something breaks down by having a cost structure tailored just for your business.

Planned maintenance helps prevent IT Incidents in the first place, and with an IT partner managing your IT environment, your team can spend less time dealing with IT issues and more time being productive achieving your business goals.  

Yearly IT Roadmaps is another area where we shine, we learn what is important to you and your business and we plan modern IT Strategies to forecast IT spending on major upgrades or changes in regards to technology.

Without Managed Services

An unplanned approach is likely to negatively impact your budgeting because it is dificult to predict what costs are involved with an unmanaged IT infrastructure.

3. Efficiency & Productivity 

You service a car to increase its lifespan and health, you should do the same with your business investments. 

Ongoing system maintenance will ensure your equipment operates at peak performance, improving that return on investment and ultimately improving your business bottom line.  Not to mention a healthy operating system will not impact user productivity, which is a hidden cost that is often overlooked.

Without Managed Services

If you only ever call for IT help when something stops working — what’s called “Reactive IT Support”, “break/fix” or “Ad-Hoc” scenario — you lose the opportunity that comes with routine, proactive maintenance to get the best performance out of your equipment at all times. Beyond not getting the best return on your technology investment, that can also hamper your team’s productivity.

4. Busines Continuity

Power outages, fires and other unexpected events can disrupt your business in the blink of an eye. To ensure the impact to your business, you need a rigorous, well-designed business continuity plan that includes disaster recovery. We can develop tailored business recovery standards that protect you against data loss and ensures your business is operational again quickly.

Without Managed Services

Whoever your IT is managed by, scrambles to restore functionality and access to your systems and data.  Hopefully, backups are taken seriously and tested thoroughly, if not you could potentially lose priceless data.  Businesses have completely collapsed from significant data loss events.

5. Proactive, Not Reactive

A Managed IT Services approach is all about reducing incidents by being proactive.  Everyone wins! The IT Service provider is looking out for you and managing your environment the way it should be without being on a time limit.  And the customer benefits by having a highly available & secure systems along with lots of value-added insights and planning benefits.

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