Get Automated! Why you need Automation

When it comes to IT, Automation is simply computers fixing computers.  A successful Automation routine depends on effective monitoring and experience.  Businesses of all shapes and forms need to add automation throughout their business to remain competitive.  Interwise IT is excited to offer Automation to its customers for a competitive advantage against its competitors.  We want to make your business IT run better and we want to fix new problems, not the same problems over and over again.

How can Automation Benefit Your Business

  1. Faster Resolution
    Resolution can be automatic so once the issue is found, resolution begins.  The problem can be resolved before it is noticed.
  2. Reduced Costs
    Our Managed Workplace Standard & Premium packages include Automation for common IT problems.  This means problems are solved for free.
  3. Increased Productivity
    Outages and IT problems cause chaos, chaos impacts productivity.  Minimising impact by using Automation leads to less downtime so your workforce is available to be more productive.

An Automation Example


A server that hosts a critical application is periodically become slow or not responsive. The problem is caused by a number of common problems involving 3rd party software also installed on the server interacting with a database in an incorrect way.

Without Automation

  • The IT Support company reacts to a problem when the customer reports it.  It may take some time to get to the problem based on their availability.
  • Considering the problem isn’t a complete outage the issue may be classified as a lower priority with extended wait times.
  • The customer will wait for the IT Team to find and resolve the issue.
  • The customer will often pay for time spent troubleshooting the issue.

With Automation

  1. Monitoring identifies the problem by proactively scanning logs for specific information.
  2. Monitoring creates a ticket for the IT Team on detection
  3. Monitoring applies automated resolution for the issue
  4. Monitoring Updates the ticket with detail of the attempted automated resolution
  5. Monitoring re-scans for the problem to see if it is fixed
  6. If the problem is fixed, the ticket is closed.
  7. If the problem is not fixed, the ticket is escalated for human intervention.

When Automation goes wrong

Automation is VERY powerful.  Things can go from good to bad very quickly.  It is important that those involved in deploying automation properly test automation functionality before deploying it in a production environment like a customers business.

Interwise IT employs strict process and guidelines when automation is developed, before automation is pushed to production it is tested internally, then deployed carefully in a staggered approach.

Final Thoughts

Automation isn’t just for IT (It often involved computers though), it can be used within your business to reduce the time spent on complex tasks.  Something like a new customer enquiry, can automatically add details to a CRM system for action by your sales team.  Its only a small step but if you receive a lot of leads this can save a lot of time, over time.  Interwise IT can help you identify aspects of your business that can be automated and then help you deploy the right automation.

If your company doesn’t perform monitoring or automation for your IT Systems, why not?

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